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Book review: The ten roads to riches by Ken Fisher

The ten roads to riches: The ways the wealthy got there (and how you can too!) – Ken Fisher

This book describes 10 different paths that people have taken to become rich. Obvious paths such as ‘becoming a CEO’ or ‘rich and famous’ are examined but other unusual paths that many people may not consider like ‘being a ride-along’ or ‘marrying well’ are also considered. Each chapter deals with a different way to become rich and explains how you can start off on that road. The likeliness of succeeding with each path is considered and what it takes to get there. The author explains the path using examples such as how Nike, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other high worth people made it. At the end of each chapter is a list of recommended books to read that goes into detail on the certain path.

What I gained from reading this book:
I found this book incredibly interesting. To read about all the different paths really opened my eyes to paths I never even considered. This book was very entertaining and I enjoyed reading of not only who succeeded, but those who didn’t. It was great to hear how hard it is to get to the big money in certain paths.
This book was great to help me decide which direction I want to take in life. By explaining each path and what it takes to get there, I could see a picture of that lifestyle. The explanations really helped me decide whether I would like to follow that path or not. I would read the chapters on ‘become a CEO’ or ‘rich and famous’ and could clearly see that those paths are not for me. Finding out which paths I don’t want to take helped me considerably in choosing the path I do want to take.

The author has obviously put a lot of research in to compile all the statistics and information on all the rich people he refers to. The book is packed with wisdom and advice that could be very valuable if used properly.
The explanations and examples really do paint a picture of the type of lifestyle possible through each path. Many books that focus on getting rich don’t consider what it would actually be like for those people.

Only one chapter is used for each path so people looking for detailed instructions or information on what to do may be disappointed. This book can be thought of as the ‘first step’ in helping you decide what road you want to take. From there you will need to source out other books that go into greater detail on the path.
The only aspect I didn’t really like is the author’s own experiences. I would’ve preferred hearing more about famous people I have heard of before. But for everyone else, this may be a positive because it shows that the author is credible. It is good to know the author knows what he is writing about.

Recommended for: People interested in wealth
I recommend this book first for people who have a desire to one day become rich. This book is a great first step to understand what needs to be done to succeed.
I also recommend this book for people who may not be interested in becoming rich, but want to read about how other people become rich. The book is very interesting to hear about how other people have become rich and many people will find it entertaining.
Genre: Wealth

Overall rating: 7 out of 10 stars

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The Ten Roads to Riches: The Ways the Wealthy Got There (and How You Can Too!)

Where to from here:
If you have found a path in this book to your interest, you will probably want to read up more detailed books specifically on that path. The book contains a list of books on each path that you could read up on.
You may want to read another book on the rich such as:
The millionaire next door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko

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